Build your own product catalog from your ecommerce website


The best solution to produce your
products catalog on your own,
within a few clicks.

How does it work?

Quite simply.
Catapulser connects to your products database, you customize the layout and voilà!

Thanks to our Magento ecommerce
extension, Catapulser plugs directly
to the products database

of your website.

Time is money!
Building a catalog only takes a few
minutes. Launch the process, have a coffee,
it will be ready before you are back!

You are multilongual? Great!
Almost all alphabets are considered.
Russian, Chinese, Arabic ...
The world is yours!

Make your choice!
Choose among a wide range of design
. We are sure you will find
the design that fits to your business.

No need for an agency or a webdesigner
to build your own catalog.
Our solution is so easy to use that
anyone can get the best out of it.

Try it free!

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